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Peter Neves

Pete Neves served in 2nd Platoon, B Co, 2/75 from 1984-1987. Pete graduated Ranger School in Class 12-85. While in 2nd Ranger Bn, he served as a rifleman, AG, Machine gunner, went to HHC to work as the Bn Cdrs Driver/RTO (LTC Jefferey J. Ellis and CSM Leon-Geurerro), then returned to be a Team Leader. Pete departed as a SGT to the Q Course, where he graduated as an 18C. He later served in 2nd Bn, 1st SFG in the S-4 Shop.

In December of 2002, Pete founded ArmyRanger.Com. The site started off as a small chat room type board where a few Rangers and Vets gathered to have fun. Pete also founded the Ranger Quartermaster, where he designed and marketed high quality Ranger items. Over the years, his vision became the cornerstone of the online Ranger community.

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