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Kevin Lannon

As a member of HHC, 2/75 Infantry (Ranger), SGT Kevin Lannon participated in the combat jump at Point Salines, seizure of the airfield and True Blue campus of St Georges Medical College, initial defense of the airfield and destruction of 3 BTR-60's, and the rescue of students at Grand Anse campus on the island of Grenada during Operation Urgent Fury in October 1983.

On October 27, 1983, Doc Lannon participated in an airmobile raid on the Calvigny Barracks which housed Cuban soldiers. Just before the helicopter landed near the Cuban held compound, the craft was hit by small-arms fire from the ground and crashed killing Doc Lannon and two other Rangers.

According to CPT Kane the BN Surgeon, "Doc Lannon was an excellent Ranger and medic. If he said something was done you could count on it. He distinguished himself the first day in Grenada by acting both as an infantryman and as a medic. He took care of wounded Rangers and wounded Cubans alike."

Kevin was a native of Dayton, Ohio.

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