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Tom Carter

Thomas J. Carter, Jr.

1993-2000 Operations SGT and Company Sergeants Major, A Company 1st BN 19th SFG ABN.
1983-1988 Consecutive assignments 1st SFOD-Delta as an Assault Team Leader, Sniper Team Leader
1982-1983 Operations Sergeant with A Company 1st BN 7th SFG ABN.
1979-1981 Platoon SGT, A Company 1st BN Ranger 75 Inf.
1977-1979 US Army instructor at the Mountain Division of the US Army Ranger School and the US Army Jungle Warfare training Center Panama.
1974-1977 Platoon Sergeant, Squad Leader and Fire Team Leader with C Company 1st BN Ranger 75th Infantry.

Military Training:
USAJFKSWC Special Operations Training Course (SOT), Red Eye Anti-Aircraft Missile Course, CBR Officer's and NCOs Course, Special Forces Qualification Course, Special Forces Military Free Fall Course (HALO), US Army Ranger Course, Pathfinder Course, Special Forces Military Free Fall Jumpmaster Course, Basic Airborne Course, Static Line Jump Master Course, Instructor Training Course. Special Operations Operator Training Course.

1984 Assigned to Ambassador Reginald Bartholomew, United States Ambassador to Beirut as a shift leader. Tom was responsible for the training and supervision of a fourteen-man detail with multiple ethnic Moslem members. Tom also had the responsibility of interfacing with the military that provided security and aviation support for the Ambassador. Additionally, Tom was tasked with providing self-defense training to the Ambassador. Tom was responsible for all motorcade and all helicopter movements. Tom advanced all visits and supervised all overnight stays with the Ambassador. On several occasion the residence was attacked with rockets and Tom was responsible for getting the Ambassador to the shelter and notifying the RSO of the situation via secure communications.

1987 Assigned to Ambassador Ed Corr, United States Ambassador to El Salvador as a shift leader, Tom was responsible for the training and supervision of the fourteen-man detail of Salvadorians. Tom advanced all trips and supervised all security for the over night stays.

While assigned to the El Salvadorian mission Tom was tasked to provide security for Senator Lugar as he performed the over watch for elections. Tom advanced areas that had never been visited by Embassy personnel before in preparation for the Senators visit. During the over watch Tom supervised a ten-man detail and accompanied the Senator on all sites.

Tommy and his men were acting as armed escorts working as private contractors for the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers. They were in Tikrit, the old neighborhood of Saddam, when an IED took their lives. The date is burned into my memory forever...April 25, 2004. That day I lost a great friend. I met Tommy just prior to the 2000 Democratic National Convention in Los Angeles. I was working for the FBI as contractor and was about to end my contract. He asked me to go to work for him under contract with the Department of Energy/Los Alamos National Lab. Later on we served together in Haiti assigned to President Aristide's Protective Unit (The Steele Foundation). Again, Tom was great to work for and an incredibly loyal friend.

Respectfully submitted: G. McCarthy

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