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Joel Cleary

1SG Joel Evan Clear passed away on March 24, 2020, which is also his birthday. He was 62. Joel's family was at his side. Joel would give the shirt off his back, and if he didn't have one would find it for you. Joel served in the US Military cherishing his service to the country. Joel challenged, trained, and mentored many soldiers during his time as a Ranger Instructor. Joel continued to serve by supporting many Ranger hopefuls who went on to become Rangers.

Joel was a great friend, brother, husband, and Ranger and will be missed.

Joel was born in Massachusetts but raised by his parents John and Ann Cleary in Saint Petersburg, Florida with his sister Lisa. From there, he raised a family of his own with Tracy Dew. They had two children, Johnathan Ross and Andrea Lynn.

Joel had a long and storied 21-year and 9-month career in the United States Army as an Airborne Ranger and then as a Charlotte Police Officer. Joel was very active in the veteran community and touched the lives of many former Rangers. He was a known and respected leader, and he could also make you laugh with his unforgettable sense of humor. Joel was a very proud American who traveled the world in service to his country and his work will never be forgotten.

Joel is interred at Arlington Cemetery in Virginia.

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