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Carl Jones

CSM Carl Jones enlisted in the U.S. Army just after his 17th birthday in March of 1953. He was a son of "Appalachia" and came from a long line of soldiers.

John Sitton, served in the Revolutionary War with the "Swamp Fox" Francis Marion.
His great grandfather, William Jones, served in the War of 1812.
his grandfather, Sam Jones, served on Co E "Blue Ridge Rifles."
four great uncles, Tom Barney, Allen, and Anson Jones served in the Confederate Army.
His uncle Bill Jones served in the Spanish American War in Cuba.
His uncle Willis Jones served in the Spanish American War in the Philippines.
His brother, Paul A. Jones, served in the Us Navy in WWII in the South Pacific.
His brother, CSM J.B. Jones served in the US Army in Korea and Germany.

/p>CSM Jones was proud to be a Ranger in the 101st Airborne Division. He often stated the US Army reflected "all that was good and right in America," and that our young men and women would stand up and be the "Best of the Best" of any soldier in the world. He was firm in training soldiers to meet the ever changing demands of the Army's world wide missions.

His philosophy was, "Do what is right, give respect to everyone, work twice as hard, and you will be a success." Carl Jones was a soldier's soldier.

Awards include: CIB, Bronze Star with Oak Leaf Cluster, Vet ARCOM, Air Medal

1953: Basic Training and Advanced Infantry Training, Fort Benning, Georgia.
1953-1954: 31st Infantry Division, Camp Atterbury, Indiana The 31st Div was reassigned to Fort Carson, Colorado.
1954-1955: 28th Regimental Combat Far East Command, Okinawa, Later reassigned to the 1st CAV Division, Hokkaido, Japan.
1956-1957: Instructor, Basic Infantry Training, Fort Benning, Georgia.
1958-1959: Instructor AIT, Fort Jackson, South Carolina.
1960-1961: 1st Cav. Div. 5th Cav. Regiment "Gary Owen" in Korea, (the same unit that his grandfather, Sam Jones, served in 100 years earlier.)
1961-1963: Instructor AIT, Fort Benning, Georgia, assigned US Army Rangers, Camp Frank D. Merrill, Dahlonega, GA, completed Ranger School, Ranger Tab, completed Jump School, Ft Benning.
1964-1966: 1st Infantry Mechanized, Ulm, Germany, (awarded Soldier of the Quarter - 7th Army and NCO of the Quarter - 7th Army)
1967-1969: 101st Airborne Division, Ft. Campbell Kentucky (deployed to South Vietnam as a weapons platoon sergeant.)
1970-1971: Operations NCO Mountain Ranger Camp, Dahlonega, GA
1971-1973: 101st Airborne Division; Vietnam Operations NCO
1974-1976: Instructor at Aberdeen Proving Grounds, MD
1976-1980: 1SG,SGM, then CSM at Camp Frank D. Merrill, Dahlonega, GA

Respectfully submitted:
Steve Hawk

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