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Clyde Grizzle

Dahlonega native, Sergeant First Class Clyde Grizzle, died in February 1994 after a long and distinguished military career. SFC Grizzle was one of the first Ranger instructors in the mountain phase of Ranger training at the Mountain Ranger Camp in the early 1950's.

SFC Grizzle was one of the strongest instructors at the camp. He would run from where he lived on Duffy Grizzle Road to the camp almost ever day. Grizzle is credited with developing the Prussic Tightening System used in fixed rope installations and for constructing the first training aids at the camp, such as, the old Log Ramp used in rappelling exercises.

Grizzle served in Korea as a platoon sergeant and received many awards and decorations. Joseph Buono, who served with Grizzle in Korea, states, "He possesses the finest qualities one can ever expect to find in a fellow human being. His understanding of men alone gives him the capability of being a fine leader of men. His honest and straight-forwardness allow for co-workers to put all faith in his decisions and actions. SFC Clyde Grizzle was truly one of the Rangers who Led The Way."

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