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Lonnie Miller

Lonnie Dale Miller was born in Sword Creek, Virginia and graduated from Dewey Mason High School, In Ridgeway, Virginia in 1962. Lonnie joined and served with the United States Coast Guard from April 20, 1963, through April 28, 1967. Lonnie completed his active duty with the Coast Guard but remained In the Coast Guard Reserve until August 1967. It appeared that Lonnie wanted more excitement and he joined the United States Army on August 24, 1967.

After completing Basic and Advance Infantry Training, Lonnie was assigned to the 82nd Airborne Division at Ft. Bragg, North Carolina, and served with the 82nd until assigned with Comp any G/75th Infantry (Ranger), Americal Division, Republic of Vietnam. During his tour of duty In Vietnam, Lonnie was wounded by hostile fire and received the Purple Heart. Lonnie also received the Bronze Star Medal w/Oak Leaf for action and meritorious service against a hostile enemy force. In 1970, Lonnie was assigned to the Northern Warfare Training Center in Ft. Greely Alaska. This was a change of climate. In 1973, Lonnie was assigned as a Ranger Instructor at the Mountain Ranger Camp, Camp Frank D. Merrill, Dahlonega, Georgia. Lonnie completed another assignment overseas In the Republic of Korea from 1979 through 1980; his duties included Platoon Sergeant and First Sergeant. In 1980, Lonnie was again assigned to the Mountain Ranger Camp and served as Patrolling Team Chief, Patrolling NCOIC, and as First Sergeant of 2nd Ranger Company.

Lonnie's last assignment with the Army was again on the front line. In 1983, Lonnie was assigned to Company A. Ist Battalion, 75th Infantry Rangers at Hunter Army Airfield, Savannah Georgia. During this tour of duty, Lonnie completed his dream and conducted a Combat Airborne Assault with his company against an armed hostile force onto the island of Grenada. Lonnie retired from the United States Army on August 31, 1984.

Lonnie returned to Dahlonega Georgia and served as a ROTC advisor/Instructor at the Riverside Military Academy in Gainesville, Georgia. Upon completing this assignment, Lonnie remained active and went to work In Dahlonega at Hidden Lake Academy. Lonnie was always working on his trucks, fixing them and painting them. In Remembrance Lonnie was a man, a husband, a father, a warrior, a Ranger, and most of all a FRIEND. Lonnie never talked much about himself, but I'm sure others have talked a lot about him. Lonnie confirmed his faith with God, and accepted Jesus Christ as his personal savoir in 1999. Like all Rangers, waiting until he got within 300 meters, but the mission was accomplished. Lonnie has told us, "It doesn't matter what they say, or what you say. What matters is what and how you do it."

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