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Randy Cline

Randy ClineRandy Cline was born September 8, 1955 in Greencastle, Indiana. He served as a deputy sheriff for the county prior to enlisting in the Army in May , 1981.

After completing Basic Training and Airborne School, his first and only assignment was 3rd Platoon. A Company, 1/75th Infantry (Ranger). Randy served as a machine gunner and was a Rifle Fire Team Leader in charge of a jeep team during Operation "Urgent Fury" on the island of Grenada in 1983.

On October 25th during the early morning hours of the mission to rescue medical students and restore order and democracy to Grenada, Cubans ambushed Randy and his team while en-route to their blocking position. After a fierce firefight, Randy and all of his team except one were killed.

Randy is survived by his wife Vera and daughter Randi, who was born four months after his death.

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