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Leo Corey III

SSG Leo B. Corey III was a highly decorated veteran of the Vietnam Conflict. He entered the Army on 02 February 1966. After induction, SSG Corey attended Officer Candidate School, and after graduation from OCS, he was assigned the permanent rank of SSG/E6. SSG Corey was given the enlisted rank after failing to obtain a security clearance required for Officers.

Upon completion of several schools, including Ranger School, he volunteered for service in Vietnam and was assigned to the 1st Air Calvary Division. Reaching the 1st Cav Div, he volunteered for assignment to the Echo Company LRRP detachment. SSG Corey completed Long Range Reconnaissance School and was assigned as a Team Leader, completing several missions. SSG Corey was awarded several medals for bravery under fire and Purple Heart medals for wounds received in combat.

In March 1968, SSG Corey completed his first tour of duty with Hotel Company Rangers, 1st Air Cav Div, and volunteered for another tour of duty in Vietnam. He was assigned to the highly secretive Charlie Company Rangers of the SOG-MACV special operations group 3rd Army. According to records, SSG Corey conducted missions in Laos, Cambodia, and North Vietnam. On this tour, SSG Corey was carried as MIA and was officially listed as a POW from 2 September 1968, until 7 November 1968.

SSG Corey was discharged on 01 February 1972.

SSG Corey passed away on 5 December 2023 and was buried with the highest military honors in the Veterans Cemetery, in Houston, Texas.

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