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William Brayman

MSG William Brayman was born 26 April 1926. He completed Ranger Training with Bravo Company Rangers in 1951 and served the in the Ranger Training Command/Ranger Department with honor and distinction during multiple tours of duty. As a member of the Combat Conditioning Committee he demonstrated rare effectiveness and versatile ability. His exceptionally good judgment, extensive professional knowledge, devotion to duty and unselfish philosophy of service made him most effective as an Instructor in bayonet, hand-to-hand combat and physical training.

Ranger Brayman always exhibited the high qualities, which characterized his success as an Infantryman and as a Ranger Principle Instructor. His thorough knowledge of core subjects, demonstrated ability to communicate ideas, ability to organize lesson materials, and ability to grow professionally enabled him to greatly increase the accepted standards of instruction by inspiring confidence and progress in each Ranger Student.

As Chief Instructor of the Patrolling Committee, Ranger Brayman influenced not only fellow instructors, but the Ranger Students that formed the backbone of our Army for years to come.

As an Advisor to the 52nd Vietnamese Ranger Battalion, Ranger Brayman instilled the values and attributes of the American Ranger, which increased the units' success against the enemy Viet Cong guerrilla forces.

His numerous decorations include the 6 awards of the Good Conduct Medal, the National Defense Service Medal wOLC, the Vietnamese Ranger Badge, the Vietnam Service Medal, the Air Medal, the Combat Infantryman's Badge, the Vietnam Campaign Medal w60 device, the Bronze Star Medal, the Army Commendation Medal, the Vietnam Staff Service Honor Medal, the Parachute Badge and the coveted Ranger Tab.

Ranger Brayman was the epitome of a Ranger Noncommissioned Officer. Ranger Brayman's values, attributes and strength of character are still evident in Ranger Training to this day. He died on 5 January 2005 at age 78.

In 2014 Ranger William Brayman was inducted as a Distinguished Member of the Ranger Training Brigade.

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