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James M. Rogers

James Rogers was a Captain in the United States Army. He was killed in a helicopter crash while training with the Delta Force in Kentucky on August 4, 1999. He was 33 years old. He was buried with full military honors in the National Cemetery at Salisbury, NC.

Jim spent his elementary school years in Waterford and Bristol, CT and his high school years in Wellesley, Ma. He graduated with honors from Wellesley High School where he was a letter man in varsity football and captain of his varsity wrestling team.

He spent his first year of college at West Point and transferred to Worcester Polytechnic Institute where he graduated, as a member of Army ROTC with a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering Management. Following graduation, he was sworn in as a 2nd LT in the US Army. At the time of his death he had completed over half of the required courses at Troy State University towards attainment of a Masters of Science in International Relations.

Jim was determined to be a Soldier from a very early age. As a matter of fact, he joined the Young Marines when he was only 9 and always professed a desire to become a "fighting man." He rose through the ranks of numerous elite commands in the Army including the 82nd Airborne, Rangers and Special forces and the Delta Force. He was Special Forces diplomatic liaison (FSO) for the Baltic Regions in Croatia. He became a Baltic State expert, fluent in four regional languages and served two tours of duty in Bosnia.

Jim is survived by his father, John Rogers of Groton, CT, his mother, Claire Noel of Charlotte, NC, his sister Candace York of Charlotte, NC, His maternal grandmother, Rose Noel of Mystic, CT and paternal grandmother, Thelma Rogers of Westfield, MA.

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Lance Bagley

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