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Jeff Eversole

Jeffery James Eversole was born in Ohio on September 3, 1961.

Jeff joined the US Army on March 31, 1981, at age 19. He spent years traveling the globe, climbing ranks and settled the last 10 years in Panama. Sgt. Eversole favored skydiving from airplanes most with over 200 jumps, two directly into combat.

Jeff remained in leadership in all roles of his life. Many took him for a genius in industrial excavation, laying or fixing water pipes, digging footers, even laying beautiful custom stone/brick fireplaces etc. He worked 6 days a week morning to nightfall. He owned 2 excavation companies.

He was the picture of a father, man, and husband loyal and true until the end. He lived on a 12 acre horse farm with 5 horses, his Thunderbird, Harley and three other automobiles.

Jeff developed a rare aggressive cancer, which he battled for over three years 3.5 years. Ranger Eversole died at home. He lived as a Christian man and is resting in heavenly Grace and peace.

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