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Posted: 08/30/2021

Name: Bob Williams

Message: The next USMRA meeting will be 2 September at the Overhang on Camp Merrill at 1900.

Posted: 08/27/2021

Name: Johnny quest

Message: 1438 members an no one has responded to my resent message what a disgrace

Posted: 08/26/2021

Name: Donald R Hughes

Message: calling on all members to fly flags at half mast to honor those killed an until all Americans are out

Posted: 07/22/2021

Name: Bob Williams

Message: I would like to express my appreciation to the many members who attended the joint 2020 and 2021 RHOF induction ceremonies at Ft. Benning on 21 July. The USMRA once again congratulates Rangers Burns, Suchke and Donavan for receiving this high honor.

Posted: 06/27/2021

Name: Jerry Roberts

Message: Ranger Jerry Roberts class 13-72 wish everyone the best. I have been speaking with Ranger James Voyles and he is alive and well. I served with him in C co 75th Rangers in Vietnam, then B co 75th at Ft Carson and then again at 2nd Ranger Bn at Ft Lewis. I worked with Sfc Perry, Roberts, Hilderbrand, at the Mountain Ranger Camp. Recently rode motorcycles through the area and got to see the camp again, wow it sure changed, anyway God Bless you, our country and all my fellow Rangers Jerry

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