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Posted: 9/21/2017
Name: Joey B King
Message: I thought someone on this list may be able to answer a question that I have been trying to get answered for a year or two. Back in the 1970's and early 1980's there was an American (later Honduran) Catholic priest named James Carney. He was a follower of Liberation Theology which was popular in Latin America during that time. After being expelled from Honduras, he ended up in Nicaragua and joined a guerrilla column in 1983 that was going to set up operations in Honduras. He was killed and his body has never been recovered. No one knows exactly what happened to him. He wrote an autobiography called "To Be A Revolutionary." Here is where I thought someone on this list might know something. The family wrote the final chapter in the book. In that final chapter they claim that there was a company of American paratroopers dropped into Honduras to cut off Carney's guerrilla column. That strikes me as odd. My time in the Army was spent in the 82nd and in Vicenza in the mid 80's. We always jumped a battalion or more. A company seems to be to big to be a clandestine insertion and too small to do much good. Further, the website Global Security lists all US parachute jumps. The three listed in 1983 were part of the Grenada invasion (2 clandestine and the mass tac jump by the 2 battalions of the Ranger Regiment): I have asked several people with Ranger, Airborne, or Special Forces backgrounds about this mystery Honduras jump, and... a) No one has ever heard of the company-sized airborne assault into Honduras in 1983 and b) They all think the same way that I do; a company-sized jump is to big to be clandestine and to small to be effective. Even if the family is wrong about the size of the American element, it would still be listed on the Global Security Website I'd think. Does any one know about this jump or is it likely wrong? I used to study airborne operations a lot and I have a lot of knowledge up to the Ranger/82nd jump into Panama in 1989, I think the jump into Honduras is based on wrong information that the family acquired Thoughts? Joey King

Posted: 9/19/2017
Name: Bob Bischoff

On Monday, PBS started a ten part series on the Vietnam War. For those of you who were there or for those of you who want to see good programming, this is must see TV. Check your local listings and check it out. Part three tonight runs up into 1964 and 1965. The program shows both sides of the war. Check it out. Part 2 last night discussed JFK and the build up of the Special Forces in 1962.There is a brief glimpse of our Rangers in Action Demonstration. Jim Burton throwing another Ranger in the hand to hand demonstration. Bob

Posted: 9/16/2017
Name: Mike Wagers
Message: Rangers, Net Call for a Ranger raid, In honor of MSG John Dorval Minatra RHOF 2011, who is in declining health. Congress and Marsha Blackburn's Office is going to honor him with a Citation. ORP Link up time and Location: 1330 this Sunday, 17 September, at, Community Care of Rutherford County located at 901 E County Farm Rd, Murfreesboro, TN 37127. Partisan linkup with Mike Firetti, Son n law, and the family. Issue Actions on the objective from there. Uniform and equipment. MSG Minatraís family has requested folks in uniform, your call on that. Not sure if Iíll try to put my Greens, Blues, or maybe my , still highly starched, cami jungles on? Anything is appropriate. Me, I never was much into learning AR 670-1 anyway. Service and Support: Mike Firetti mentioned perhaps a lunch afterwards? Personally, I have a family issue myself to attend to, and wouldnít be able to stay long. But Iíll let Mike touch on that if that is something the family would like to do? Speaking for myself, what a wonderful gesture, but family time to precious, no need from my aspect, if this gesture was intended as a thank you. Command and Control. Call, text or email Mike Firetti 703-431-1676 cell Michael T. Hall m: 615.815.4747 email:

Posted: 9/16/2017
Name: Mike Wagers
Message: I am trying to get contact information for 1SGT Earl Singletary. If someone can get a message to him ask him to contact me at 931 374 8383

Posted: 9/15/2017
Name: Joey King
Message: Hi Mike I live in La Vergne. You can call me. Maybe I can make it Joey King 615-485-1616

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