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Posted: 9/28/2017
Name: Michael Keohane
Message: Does anyone know how I can get a copy of one of the pictures taken of all us Rangers? I would like to show my nephews, nieces, grand nephews & grandnieces the type of people I am allowed to associate with. By the way, I will be at the October "Eatin" meeting with my Alfredo sauce and pasta dish.

Posted: 9/28/2017
Name: Laura Armstrong
Message: To Our Customers: The Camp Merrill PX FTX and Holiday hours for the month of Oct 2017 are as follows: HOLIDAY: 09 Oct 17 CLOSED FTX: 10-13 & 16-19 Oct 17 0700-1500 REFIT: 20 Oct 17 1200-1900

Posted: 9/25/2017
Name: Joey B King
Message: Thanks so much for your answer Chuck. Wonder why this operation is not listed on the Global Security website? Seems like they have a lot of clandestine jumps listed

Posted: 9/25/2017
Name: Chuck Windham, Vice Chairman
Message: Brother King, there was a guy here in Georgia who claimed to have participated in an operation similar to the one you described. Was to have been a very hush hush move by the government and carried out by an airborne unit. He was charged by the State for obtaining a Purple Heart tag without documentation. He couldn't provide the documentation of such an operation, or proof of being wounded, so he was found guilty of fraud.

Georgia provides a free tag plus tax exemption for one vehicle for a holder of a Puirple Heart Medal.

Posted: 9/24/2017
Name: tom wilburn

Mr King, regarding your post; I am not aware of any "combat parachute operation" into Honduras. I participated in training jumps into Honduras during this time frame that usually ended at the RMTC where a small contingent of Special Forces troops resided. If you want more specifics contact me directly at and I may be able to help piece together more info to answer your questions.

Page 7 of 756: Total of 3778 messages
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