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Posted: 6/5/2018
Name: Chuck Windham, Vice Chairman
Message: Meeting this Thursday, 7 June at the Overhang, 1900hrs. I won't be able to attend, as I am at the LRP/LRRP/LRS meeting in Branson Mo. Those attending will take care of business. Make plans to be there, if you are in the area. RLTW

Posted: 5/31/2018
Name: Laura Armstrong
Message: To Our Customers: The Camp Merrill PX FTX hours for the month of June 2018 are as follows: FTX: 18-22 & 25-28 June 2018 0700-1500 REFIT: 29 June 2018 1200-1900

Posted: 5/28/2018
Name: Bob Suchke - Treasurer
Message: There have been a few questions raised about Planning Bay Honorees. I hope I can clarify how Planning Bay Honorees are chosen. In order to be eligible, a Ranger must be a member of the USMRA (Ranger qualified) AND also have been a Ranger Instructor assigned to the Mountain Ranger Camp (Camp Frank D. Merrill). The Rangers names are selected from the membership roster. If your information posted there does not include an assignment as a Mountain Ranger Instructor assigned to Camp Merrill, you may have been overlooked. You can correct the information by contacting the webmaster so in the future, you can be also recognized as a Planning Bay Honoree. RLTW!

Posted: 5/24/2018
Name: Joey B King
Message: Great Mike. Since I'm still using a flip phone, could you email them to

Posted: 5/24/2018
Name: Michael Keohane
Message: Joey & Jack : I will visit the museum in June and take a picture of his uniform.

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