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Posted: 7/10/2018
Name: Jim Regan
Message: Hi guys. Hope you all recovered from the FOURTH. I had a brain blitz this morning. Back on 23 May this year, I wrote a blurb about our graduation from Ranger Class 1-1961. I said our 101st Abn.Division Cdr. "Pinned" us. It was not General Abrams, but MG Ben Harrell. Don't know what made me think Abrams. Oh well. Only took two months to remember that. Takes longer on some other things. You to ?

Break, break; Check out the Spring issue of the PATROLLING magazine for an article about Col. "Moose" Yon. It's in the H Co. 75th Rangers section.

Ya'll take care, stay cool and dry. Jim RLTW/L&P

Posted: 7/9/2018
Name: Brian Cunningham
Message: Outstanding job on the new website, Bob WIlliams! RLTW

Posted: 7/8/2018
Name: Bob Williams
Message: Thanks, Bob. This new website is equally viewable on a desktop, tablet, or phone. I will be adding DMOB bios and pics as I receive them.

Posted: 7/8/2018
Name: Bob Bischoff
Message: I don't know about the rest of you, but this new USMRA site is outstanding!! Thanks to Bob Williams

Posted: 7/3/2018
Name: Jim Regan

Hi Guys. Finally settled down from my " Spring travels." Started w/ a great CCO in April. Then a trip to D.C. (WHCA) and Fortress Belvoir in June, Wow! Has that place changed. Stayed at the "HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS" ON-POST! Lastly, A wonderful get to gether at Charleston. WV w/ 1st Cav and the LRRP/Ranger co,. ( H Co. 75th Rangers,)from Vietnam. Forty five (45) guys were signed in!!! One of our largest gatherings. Boy, were the tales a flyin. Good time had by all.

Our Vice President from USMRA, Ranger Windy,was present for duty. I think he and I looked like the youngest guys there!!! LOL!. It was amazing to see those, formerly, 18 year old kids, with full, gray beards, bald heads, and a few extra pounds! They were all mostly 18 or 19 when I was their Platoon Sergeant at Thirty.

Happy "Fourth" to all. Stay cool and dry.

Jim RLTW/L&P :)

Page 7 of 784: Total of 3919 messages
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